Asked Questions


What's included in the free sample?

The free sample of WSDTY.ORG provides access to the first three life lessons of the first topic, 'Money & Tax'.

You'll also be able to experience how WSDTY.ORG has been designed to beautifully simply learning online.

How do I purchase the full version?

Simply create a new account or login, and then hit the 'Buy Now' button from your WSDTY dashboard.

What does the full version include?

The full version of WSDTY.ORG provides access to all 100 life lessons across the 10 life topics.

The Life Lessons

What do the life lessons cover?

Each of the 100 life lessons cover useful teachings that you can apply to everyday life, teachings that schools commonly overlook.

How can I learn more about a specific life lesson?

If you've found a specific life lesson a little confusing, you're more than welcome to get in touch via the contact page and ask for more clarification.

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